Who We Are



We’re the Bollon family. We’re serving the Lord as missionaries to the people of Taiwan. After several years on deputation gathering a team of gospel partners, we moved to Kaohsiung, Taiwan in August 2015.

Browse this Brochure to read summaries of how we came to Christ, how the Lord has prepared us for ministry, and the spiritual needs in Taiwan. (Our friend Justin Murphy at Your Creative People designed it when we had only two of our four children.)

We both grew up in rural Michigan, which was great. Moving to a city for university was intimidating for both of us, but over time we got used to it. Now we’re living in a city of over 2 million people!

We have five children. Our daughter and 3 oldest sons were all born in South Carolina. In 2019, the pregnancy of our fifth child, ended with an emergency delivery and our son Jonas departing this life to be with the Lord just about 30 minutes after birth.

Our whole family loves books. We say we like hiking, though at this point in our lives it’s a pretty casual level of hiking – short and very easy.