Deputation: U-haul needed

Clothes are stacked near half-packed suitcases, while piles of stuff wait their turn to get neatly stacked in the van. With two children, we feel like no matter where we go, we have to pack almost everything for the trip. Today is packing day – tomorrow we leave for our first deputation meeting in Pennsylvania.

We’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. After years of preparation and following the Lord’s direction one step at a time, we are taking our next big step toward the mission field. This will be a missions conference, Wednesday-Sunday, so we expect to get to know some of the people at the church.

I (Brian) will get to preach and teach a Sunday School lesson, and Erin will get to give a testimony in one of the services. But we hope that we can minister to the people there in other ways, too. We want to share how God has worked in our lives and see God use us to continue His work in others.

Even our daughter is excited about going. Every time one of us gets ready to leave the house for something, she gets worried that we’re going to Pennsylvania without her.

The services at our church yesterday focused on missions, and the Lord encouraged and challenged us. One of the statements by a missionary that caught my attention was about the necessity of avoiding a “missionary compound” philosophy which would hold the nationals at arm’s length. I’m sure that we’ll find things we don’t like about Taiwan, so that was a good reminder to renew our surrender of everything to the Lord and welcome people we can minister to, even if they do eat stinky tofu.


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  1. We’re putting a link to this blog on our website. We’re praying that you will quickly raise your support and arrive soon in Taiwan.

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