We’re glad for Thanksgiving this week. I am especially because it’s also my birthday this year. Bella is pretty excited about the present she got for me – mostly because she wants me to share it with her. She doesn’t know about presents being a surprise yet, so she told me what it is right after she came home from the store with Erin.

Thanksgiving this year will be at our house, with one of my sisters and two of Erin’s sisters (plus a brother-in-law) coming over to spend the day. We’ll need more people to help eat all the food. But not too much. We need leftovers. Bella is probably more sensible than we are. She’s not aware of the meal being a feast, and she won’t eat any more food than she usually does. She’s just excited about the aunts and uncle who will be coming over.

Having a special holiday makes it easy to remember to be thankful. Now that our daughter is talking a lot and interacting with people, we’re teaching her to say ‘thank you.’ That makes us aware of how often we fail to tell people ‘thank you’ when they help us in some way.

Of course, God should get credit for every good thing in our lives – not just at Thanksgiving. Thanksgiving is helpful because it gives us some motivation and a good reminder to do what we should be doing all the time.


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