Home for Vacation

I’m not sure I ever would have thought of going home as a vacation. Well, maybe in college. But usually for vacation we think of going somewhere else, somewhere different than home.

We’ve been on deputation just long enough now to feel that after almost a month on the road, a few weeks at home will be a welcome – and necessary -break. Our last trip began at the end of February, and we returned home a week ago today. Our meeting schedule took us into Illinois and Michigan, then up through Michigans Upper Penninsula into northern Wisconsin. From there we went downstate. And the final leg completed our circle of Lake Michigan as we drove to Virginia.

This post is exceedingly late considering that I haven’t posted since before we left for the trip. That was a month ago now. But I’m finding that while we’re doing lots of traveling, there’s not always time to post. And by the time we got home we had a long list of priority items to take care of. The blog just got pushed to the back of the line until we could clear out some other things.

So here I am trying to remember what we did almost a month ago. Actually, it’s not hard to remember most of what we’ve done. The hard thing is deciding what to post so that there’s something up-to-date and interesting, but that isn’t boring with irrelevant details. Hopefully as I go along and get better at juggling all the things we have going on, I can post shorter items more regularly. That way I can add current notes that are interesting without the sense that I’m writing a lengthy history.

This time, I’ll summarize. On the ministry side, we visited 4 churches and one Christian school. We’re enjoying the opportunity to see different ministries, fellowship with believers, and preach (just for me – Brian – of course). The last meeting was at a conference, and that was nice because we were in one place longer and felt like we got to know people a little better than we do when we’re just there one service or one day.

On the family side of deputation travels, we took the time to visit Lincoln’s tomb since we were in Springfield, IL. The pastor and people at the church told us of a fantastic Lincoln museum there, but we didn’t have time to stop. Another highlight was seeing family – our kids got to see both sets of grandparents, and meet cousin Lydia for the first time. In Wisconsin, the friend we stayed with introduced us to a fun European-style game. (As he explained, European games emphasize strategy and are much better than American-style games driven by chance.) The best parts of the trip for Bella were the parks we visited. She’s still talking about them!

If you’ve made it this far, dear reader, thank you for your interest and patience. Come back soon!