Good Times, Good News

After several 6 or 10-hour drives this month, we decided a 3-hour trip to see relatives was not too bad. So instead of staying in Cedar Rapids, IA between a conference and a Sunday meeting, we’re over in Illinois enjoying a visit with Erin’s sister, her husband, and their daughter.

This month we’ve really put miles on our van, but it’s been well worth it. We had two really good conferences back-to-back. The first was the high desert of New Mexico, the next was in the middle of Iowa farm country. We’ve enjoyed getting to know the people at those churches, and we’ve also been glad the Lord has used the other missionaries and the pastors to challenge and encourage us in our ministry.

The Lord kept us safe in our first travel “incident” on the road. Driving out of Cedar Rapids, Iowa, I was passing a pickup truck when it’s load started to fall off. Thankfully what appeared to be boxes turned out to be bales of sawdust, so it didn’t do any more damage than temporary high blood pressure and momentary visibility problems when it exploded over our windshield.

We’ve been trusting the Lord to provide for this summer, and looking forward to see what churches the Lord will lead to partner with us in our burden for Taiwan. We are now able to thank the Lord for our home church, Mount Calvary Baptist Church in Greenville, SC, becoming our first officially supporting church. I’ve heard news of another church which plans to support us, but haven’t received official word yet. The Lord is always good, but we’re enouraged to have our church officially behind us and letting the Lord use them to provide for us to reach Taiwan.


Westward, Ho!

Today, packing our wagon. Tomorrow, hitting the trail for western New Mexico. We anticipate three pretty solid days of driving to reach Gallup, where we’ll be in a missions conference at Emmanuel Baptist Church. This is farther west than either of us has ever been. Looking forward to seeing some wild country – hopefully not too wild, and not too close.