GFA Conference

We spent last week at the WILDS Christian Camp for our mission board’s annual conference. Last year’s conference came right after we’d been accepted as missionary candidates with GFA; this year we came with a little deputation experience behind us – 5 months of travelling now. Our time at the conference allowed us to get to know more of the GFA missionaries. The encouragement and fellowship from faithful missionaries and deputees was a benefit from the Lord. Helpful sessions and direct preaching provided opportunities to evaluate both our walk with the Lord and our ideas about missions ministry.

While we attended sessions and services, our kids had lots of fun in their classes. This morning at breakfast Bella told us that last week at the WILDS the girls in her class always asked to go on long hikes, and those made her tired. She was ready for naptime every day, and some days had a hard time finishing lunch. We did have a little time to relax at the conference, and there were things to do we don’t get to do at home. Tuesday we floated down the creek in inner-tubes. Bella liked that, but Emmett wasn’t sure he liked it.

We (Brian and Erin) actually had less free time than we expected – just during the kids’ naps and after they were in bed (almost as late as 10pm each night).  That didn’t allow us to do much other than get ready for the next day. However, we did finish learning all the Bopomofo – phonetic symbols the Taiwanese use to teach children how to pronounce Chinese characters. That’s a foundational step we’ve been working on for the past month, and we’re glad to know them all so we can start using them. If I needed any arguments for learning those phonetic symbols, I found it while we were online looking for audio files to listen to their pronunciation. We noticed several different ways of writing their sounds in Romanized script (English letters). Associating sounds of Chinese characters with phonetic symbols will help free us from having our thinking and pronunciation tied to English.

We left the conference early to travel to Pennsylvania for our last deputation meeting before the new baby arrives. The people at Berwick Bible Church were very friendly to us yesterday (Sunday). The pastor wasn’t there during the morning, but since we’re able to stay a few days past the meeting, we’re looking forward to getting to know him better. We’re also glad we’ll be able to visit again our friends at Emmanuel Baptist Church, where we had our first deputation meeting back in November of 2009.


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  1. Congratulations for learning your Chinese BoPoMoFo. This is a practical and helpful start to your language learning career. I recommend that you get a copy of the Chinese Audio Bible and listening to it on your car trips to help you get an “ear” for the language. God bless you.

    Pastor Hanna

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