New England: Cold Ocean

Even though we usually like to visit the ocean in the off season best, this is really off season. (Not that we go to the ocean all the time. Maybe 2 or 3 times before.) But since we’re so close, we wanted our kids to see the New England coast. We visited Cape Cod, Plymouth, and “the Center” – a state park on the New Hampshire coast with a science learning center. In spite of the cold, we’ve had a lot of fun.

Next outing planned: Acadia National Park in Maine. These are great opportunities to enjoy the beauty of God’s creation.


Winter Already?

When we made a comment the other day about it being winter already, we got a laugh. To us, this is winter: temperatures in the low 40’s – even down in the 30’s – and it’s already snowed. That was the last day of October! But our feeling that this coldness and snow constitutes winter was laughed off because we’re in Maine.
At first we wondered if we were crazy, scheduling deputation meetings in New England in November and December. October was great because we saw the leaves turning. But now? We should be in Florida or something, right? Well life goes on for the people who live here, so we can survive, and even make it to our deputation meetings. And so far our meetings have been great as we’ve learned what God is doing in this part of the country and made lots of new friends.
When we can get around to it, we’ll have some pictures of the kids at the ocean. We keep meaning to have pictures of the churches we’re in, but we always forget to take (or have someone else take) any pictures.