Snow and Ice

Yesterday we awoke to a good layer of snow on the ground – about 4-6 inches, which is about 4-6 inches more than the average for where we live. Snow kept falling through the morning, leaving us with a beautiful view, but increased concern for Erin’s mom and siblings on the road, headed for our house.

God answered our prayers, and they made it in safely just before midnight. Although every approach to our house is uphill, there wasn’t anything we could do about the roads. But we did drive up and down our driveway to leave tracks so they’d know where to drive. Since freezing rain had been falling all afternoon and evening, we wanted to put some dirt on the place in our driveway where slipping was most likely. We didn’t want to put it on too soon and have it covered with ice. So at 11:30, here we go out to the driveway to spread some dirt over the packed snow. I’d been thinking of digging the hole, but was spared that by my own laziness. I’d never taken care of some buckets of potting soil other than pull out the dead tomato plants. But it was frozen, so I needed the shovel to chop it up. Mission accomplished about 20 minutes before they arrived.

This morning we took the kids out again and they had fun crunching through the icy layer on top of the snow. They were a little disappointed, though, not to be able to ride their tricycle because the wheels were covered with ice and wouldn’t roll. Best part of the trip: eating icicles. Worst part: standing up very dizzy after rolling down a snowy hill. I sure don’t remember that happening when I was a little kid. Or maybe I thought it was fun.


Small Church Ministry

I don’t have any new ideas or insights into small church ministry, but I couldn’t think of a better title for this post. We’ve enjoyed presenting our burden for Taiwan in several small churches for many reasons. Recently, though, I thought of a new one; maybe I should have thought of it a long time ago.

It occurred to me that this is an excellent opportunity for us to learn. Unless God works in an unusual way once we get to the mission field, we’ll probably be ministering in a small church setting for quite some time. While I’ve known that on a theoretical level, practical realization is setting in, and giving me a much greater appreciation for the pastors and people in small churches we visit. It’s also motivating me to be even more eager to learn from them. Deputation, with visits to so many churches, not only gives us a snapshot of what’s going on in America, but it’s also giving us a taste of what to expect on the mission field at many different stages of ministry.