Can Confucius Help Taiwan?

Yesterday I read an article online about students (and teachers) protesting in Taiwan. The department of education there wants to require high school students to read Confucian writings.

Apparently the cultural morality of Confucius should be used to combat the rise of violence and drug use among teenagers. On the other hand, students and teachers feel time shouldn’t be taken from college-relevant studies for reading ancient philosophy. Especially when they (some students and teachers) believe politics are involved.

What I find interesting: the Taiwanese government is concerned about the lack of morality among students, while lots of students (and some teachers) think education should include only information and skills, not character.

Should character development be valid educational objective? From a Biblical perspective, absolutely. Does Confucius have the answer for Taiwan’s character deficiencies? We’re going to Taiwan because we believe any help Confucian thought can give is temporary, incomplete, and ultimately unhelpful. The only successful solution to social problems must expose sin as rebellion against God and turn men to the gospel of Jesus Christ for hope and transformation.

See April 7, 2011 article on the Wall Street Journal’s China Realtime Report by Paul Mozur (, accessed 4/15/11