Trash Day

Several days of our survey trip in Taiwan, we heard loud music out on the street. Ice cream truck? Or, I thought, when I (Brian) was in Korea I’d seen advertising for new businesses: a truck drove around, girls doing loud¬†karaoke¬†in the back between what I assume were advertisements for the business. So maybe a mobile advertisement.

Watching for something like that, we were surprised when our friend grabbed up her trash. Moments later, a garbage truck drove up to the apartment complex, classical music blaring. The crowd at the sidewalk surged forward, everyone throwing bags of trash into the back of the truck.

I don’t think about trash collection often. (Usually when I hear the truck coming and I realize I haven’t taken the trash can down to the street. Then I remember I also forgot the recycling, which by that time I’ve missed again.) But a recent article on Huffington Post with a video brought back the memory.