February Events

We started the month with a taste of great North Carolina BBQ when we visited Community Baptist Church in the Raleigh area. The Word of the Lord is running there and they’re seeing people saved regularly. Our next meeting was in Charleston, SC. The pastor and his wife have served faithfully for many years, without seeing lots of visible progress. The Lord placed each of those men, and their families, in very different parts of the vineyard and they’re each working faithfully.
After Charleston we had one night at home , then took off to a conference in central Illinois. We’d just seen Fort Sumter in the Charleston harbor where the Civil War started, and within a week we were reading the Gettysburg Address in Lincoln’s own hand. It was a special display at the Lincoln Museum in Springfield. The conference was really enjoyable. They had things set up so that we actually got to show our presentation and talk about Taiwan three times, each time to a different group of church members.
Between the conference and our next meeting (in Wisconsin) we stayed with family in Illinois. But when we got to Wisconsin, Erin came down sick. It was the first time we had a meeting where she didn’t get to be in any of the services. Not fun, but the Lord had arranged a comfortable situation. The pastor and his wife were very understanding and kind. Even when we’re sick there are so many things to be thankful for.
Then the kids came down sick. Another time when we could actually be thankful: we were on our way to visit family between meetings. A week with Erin’s parents gave us the special chance to prepare a Taiwanese dinner for their church family (supporters) and talk about Taiwan. Then down to my (Brian’s) parent’s house for an open Sunday, which got filled when the pastor of their church (also supporters) asked me to preach in the Sunday evening service. I really enjoyed the privilege of preaching there again.
We’re really looking forward to seeing some good friends again at our next missions conference. We met the Delaney family in Taiwan, but they’re now back in the States where Pat is a regional director for Baptist World Missions. Our other friends we also met in Taiwan where they were serving as short-term missionaries. Can’t wait to see them all again!