Senior Saints

We can look forward to getting old. That’s my conclusion from Saturday’s monthly seniors lunch at our church. At one point during the meal, the man on my right handed me a small muffin and told me to pass it along. The circulating muffin got lots of laughs. I thought that kind of funny thing happened only in junior high.

Our children loved the attention from all those grandparents. And they especially liked seeing their nursery SS teachers who also had helped in their classes at GFA conference. I was really happy to see them sitting still while I talked about deputation andTaiwan– we’d been invited to visit so they could get to know us better and know how to pray for us more specifically. (Good job, kids!) It was great to talk with people who remember a lot of Taiwan’s post-WW2 history.

It was our first time to meet some of the older members of our church, and a happy time to talk with others we don’t cross paths with often. They were full of smiles and encouraging words. Many of them told us how they’re already praying for us in ways that are so appropriate to what the Lord has for us right now. And others thanked us for filling them in so they’ll know how to pray. We’ll value their prayers, and remember their great example of joyful, mature faith! Although we joke about being grumpy old people that scare neighborhood children, we really hope we turn out more like the people we at lunch with on Saturday.


Looking Back at May

I can’t believe it. Our children are asking for vegetables. Actually, I can believe that – except for Arthur they always do pretty well with vegetables. But what I can’t believe is that we’re telling them no! We’re on our fourth day of a bland diet to help them get over a minor stomach bug of some kind. They’ve had it for about 2 weeks now, and now that we’re home we can control their diet better. It’s helping us appreciate variety.

Our last 3 meetings have taken us to the Atlantic coast:Wilmingtonand Nags Head, NC, and finally Little River, SC – just north ofMyrtle Beach. We’ve enjoyed watching the waves, poking crabs, and finding shells. But even more we’ve loved getting to see tourist destinations through the eyes of people doing ministry there. The church in Nags Head took especially good care of us. They even give us some money for a date and arranged for someone to watch our children. The pastor, having a son who recently finished deputation, showed that he knows what life is like for us right now.

Between those meetings, we’ve had a few weeks at home to get ready for the baby and spend extra time studying Chinese. We’re actually just getting back to that after about 3 weeks off, and feeling very much like we’ve forgotten most of what we knew. Now that we’re back home with a few weeks before the baby comes, we’re trying to get back into it and remember what we were working on.

After our conference in Nags Head, we came home for a very busy week as we celebrated Emmett’s birthday with family. Then out for another meeting. From there we drove (right throughGreenvillewithout stopping!) toBrevard,NC, where we attended a conference with our mission board, Gospel Fellowship Association.

What a great week! The first day Erin and I both thought, “this is like a good family reunion. We can’t wait to talk with them, and them… and them….” Sessions encouraged us in our walk with the Lord; between sessions we caught up with, met, and got ideas from other missionaries. One of the best things GFA does is arrange for great child care during the conference. Our kids loved their “classes” which made things so much nicer for us. Half a week later, they’re still talking about their hikes and exclaiming about tubing in the creek. And finally getting caught up on their rest.

Arthur at GFA conference

So worn out he falls asleep during a diaper change!