Highlights from Recent Missions Conferences

For our children, the highlights of any meetings are toys and treats. So last week they really enjoyed the playground at Catawba Springs Christian Church. But for Erin and I, the highlights are usually people.
At a conference in Pennsylvania, we enjoyed staying with the Allen family. After the evening services and our children were in bed, we had time to get to know them, hear how God had worked in their lives, and talked about Jeff’s ministry as a kind of representative for Answers in Genesis.
At a church in Georgia, we shared one of two missions emphasis Sundays with a family going to Uganda as missionaries. We’re always glad to meet the other missionaries and fellowship with them. The Lord uses them to expand our vision beyond Taiwan and we continually find ourselves praying for the Lord to send laborers to other places too. That’s a highlight for me, because I can see myself growing in my obedience to Jesus’ command in Matthew 9 – one that I’ve often preached on.
Our conference at Catawba Springs Christian Church gave us some time to talk with several people in the church. We also enjoyed time to learn from the pastors there. I got to eat lunch with two of the pastors and the other two missionary men – one a friend of ours on deputation, and the other a veteran missionary mission board representative. Later Erin and I got to spend time with the music pastor and his wife. We learn so much by hearing men and women who have experience in ministry. They were so encouraging and helpful. For example, Pastor Woodruff mentioned the necessity of having a strong marriage on the mission field, and gave an example of some missionaries he knows who feel the pressure of being the only Americans, even though they’re in an English-speaking country. So a weak marriage relationship is a huge stress factor; in addition it multiplies all the other stresses you face.