Our life – in an elevator

I’m so thankful for my wife, who spends so much of her time on deputation unpacking, repacking, and cleaning up after our family. Since we’re usually in a different church every weekend, that work happens all the time. We’re so grateful to the Lord when He provides a place we can stay for a few weeks between meetings. Sometimes we get to go home between meetings, and that’s wonderful too.

Basically, our whole life gets packed in our van, unpacked from our van, crammed into an elevator, and moved into and out of hotel rooms, missions houses, and the homes of really hospitable people. Easy? No. Worth it? Definitely.


all that stuff (except the shelf) came out of our van to be stacked into this elevator


Smithsonian: Surprise, Disappointment, and Fun

“Is this the day we get to go to the Smithsonian?” “Is this where the Hope Diamond is?” Our children were really excited about this day trip. We had day free and were as close to Washington, D.C. as we were going to be for a long time. They’d been captivated by the Hope Diamond ever since Erin told them about it. They wanted to see it, and this was their chance.Surprise!

Once at the Museum of Natural History, we headed for the minerals hall. We got to ‘ooh’ and ‘ahh’ over the Hope Diamond. It really is amazing. We also saw a giant sheet of copper ore, massive crystals, and an astonishing array of minerals: fantastical shapes in a rainbow of colors. Our children were ready to move on far before we were.

Arthur loved the huge amethyst geode

Arthur loved the huge amethyst geode


The fossils were really amazing. Very big, very small, and very unusual animals, along with plants preserved in amazingly fine detail. We even looked into a lab to watch scientists working with fossils.


We knew that the Museum of Natural History would have a very explicit and repeated evolutionary presentation. So even though I wasn’t surprised, I was struck by what seemed a major problem with scientific integrity: the apparent absence of any acknowledgment that many statements were conclusions rather than fact.

We look at the same bones and fossils and rocks, but come to completely different conclusions because we approach the evidence with a different view of reality. The starting point of the scientists at the Smithsonian is that there’s no God. So understandably (though wrong, according to the Bible), they have to find a way to interpret all the evidence within an evolutionary framework. What’s disappointing is the expensive, well-done, and incredible propaganda.

The starting point for us is that one God exists; He created all things, has revealed Himself in the Bible (where He tells us about His creative activity), and sent His Son to rescue us from sin!


Our children were getting pretty worn out. Until we reached the children’s interactive room. This was maybe the most fun they had – except for the train ride into and out of the city.

our children enjoy the interactive room

our children enjoy the interactive room



alligator or crocodile?


Bella handles a whale vertebrae

Bella handles a whale vertebrae