Story line of the Bible

I’m used to thinking of the Bible as consisting of 66 books. But that sometimes keeps me from remembering that it’s one book, and that those 66 books all contribute something uniquely relevant to the story presented in the Bible.

Over the past months I’ve been thinking a lot about the story line of the Bible. The Lord brought several lines of thought together to cement this in my mind. One of them was seeing a pastor demonstrate how he used story line pictures in evangelism. Something clicked for me, and I thought: that is so helpful for me, both for evangelism and for my own understanding!

If you were to draw a picture of the story of the Bible, what would it look like? Try it. Maybe it doesn’t work for you, but I found it helpful. All the other stories in the Bible contribute to this big picture. Then you can plug Bible verses into it. And now you’re evangelizing using God’s own words and a way that seems really appropriate for our visually-oriented culture. Just don’t simplify it so much that you leave important things out. (I’ve thought that it might also be helpful to try understanding competing views of reality by trying to draw their “story” but I haven’t tried that yet.)