Making Friends

One of the great things about deputation is the chance to see old friends and make new ones.

Recent travels have introduced us to several new Taiwanese friends. In North Carolina, a Taiwanese couple shared a meal with us. They encouraged us in our vision for planting stable, growing churches in Taiwan. They also told us about their outreach to Chinese students in the States. We shared a basic discipleship resource in Chinese, and met a recent convert they’d been working with.

In Ohio (also over a meal), Taiwanese students at a state university shared their stories of coming to Christ, giving us more insight into Taiwanese thinking, and more appreciation for the power of the gospel. Their pastor told us about several resources for Chinese ministry we weren’t familiar with. He even gave us copies of some of them.

In Minnesota, we met a Taiwanese woman at a supporting church. She was so kind in offering to help in any way, suggesting resources, and talking about Taiwan. We were pleased to learn she knew about the church we’ll be part of while in language school. Her unsaved relative lives nearby.

The Lord has given us so many helpful people – not just Taiwanese – and we’re so thankful.