A penny saved…

On long road trips, we need a break from the van every few hours. Sometimes that’s a rest area, a park, or a playplace. But most often they’re gas stations. Not the best places for kids to run around, but they work.

Looking for coins motivates our kids to move around. That started a long time ago when they’d say they didn’t want to get out of the van, or that there was nothing to do. So now they keep their eyes open all the time. Recently they’ve made out pretty well – finding a few quarters and dimes along with some pennies.

a welcome break from the van

a welcome break from the van

This game lets us see into our children’s hearts, so we often have little counseling sessions. But lately we’ve noticed something we like. Our daughter and the two older of our sons have started pooling their money. They keep counting it up and planning to get something with it. Their first purchase, a week ago, was a container of tic-tacs.

We’re so thankful the Lord lets us travel as a family. It’s not always easy, but we have so many fun times. Even at gas stations.