Down on the Farm

I mentioned in our recent prayer letter that we’re savoring extra time with our parents. We got to arrange our schedule to be at The Farm (it’s a proper noun to our children) to help Erin’s dad with a repair.

The steers had been breaking out of their lot, so the fence definitely needed repaired. Enter me (Brian), some of Erin’s siblings, and her cousin’s husband. For two days we dug post-holes, set rail-road tie posts, and put up board fencing covered with wire mesh fencing, topped with electric tape. My body is not used to that kind of work. But it was satisfying, and it transformed half the lot from a modest cow-pen to an escape-proof stockade.

There’s still another long section of fencing to replace. Since we’re here another week or so, I’ll probably get to help with it. I’m actually looking forward to it.

And those cows make me think of Psalm 2, which our family recently memorized. The nations rage against God and try to throw off His rule (bondage, the rebels consider it). Just like cows that are always on the alert for any hole, any weakness to break out and roam free – messing up the yard and garden while they do it. Thankfully cows aren’t as good at people as planning breakouts or we’d have to stand guard.

(Sorry no pictures this time.)

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