Shifting Gears

Anticipating a move to the mission field, we’ve approached our whole married life with the attitude that we’re not accumulating a lot of stuff. So we either got nice things that are worth taking with us, or we got cheap stuff that we could get rid of. As our departure for Taiwan drew near, we went into get-rid-of-stuff mode. Yard sale, trash, Goodwill, family. Either it’s coming with us or we’re getting rid of it. So we’ve ended up with just a very few things stored with parents.

Thankfully, that all happened in the spring. We’ve had a whole summer of not having to work on that. A summer of staying a few weeks at a time with friends, thinking about one feature of our life in Taiwan: we’ll get to furnish an apartment.

That shifted us completely out of get-rid-of, into accumulation mode. It’s really been fun to think through what we’ll need and what’s essential to get first. And I think it will be fun to look for appliances and furniture, trying to find deals and decide what we want the apartment to look like and feel like.

Lord willing, we’ll experience the Lord’s grace to stay patient and gracious while we find just what the Lord has for our family and furnish our apartment in a way that will provide a safe, comfortable (but not extravagent) home for our family, and at the same time an inviting, comfortable place for people we minister to. Here’s another chance to do everything for the sake of the gospel.

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