Hey, somethings different!

Early this week we revisited the seacoast near our city’s downtown. Actually, our children had been asking to go for a while. We were just waiting for the right combination of free time and warm weather. This week delivered.

To get there, you have to take a ferry – a favorite part of the trip for our children. It was fun to take a friend who’d never been there, so we could introduce him to a place we like – the lighthouse, the old fort, the boardwalk, the beach, and the street full of vendors.

And we discovered something. We’ve changed a lot since our first family visit there. Over a year ago now, we stumbled around trying to get our bearings. The food was strange. We didn’t know where anything was and what food was available.

Now, there are still lots of strange things. But we’re so thankful for God’s grace allowing us to adjust. It’s good to have a familiar place. We know what street foods are available, and which kinds our kids will eat. We all have things we like.

And after enjoying the water, we know we can finish our trip with fruit over shaved ice at our favorite Fruit Ice place. Amazing!

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