About Us

Bollon Family Feb 2014

We’re the Bollon family. Right now we’re on deputation, getting ready to move to the island of Taiwan as missionaries.

Browse this Brochure to read summaries of how we came to Christ, how the Lord has prepared us for ministry, and the spiritual needs in Taiwan. Justin Murphy at Your Creative People designed it when we had only two of our four children.

We both grew up in rural Michigan, which was great. Moving to a city for college was intimidating for both of us, but over time we got used to it. Now we’re looking at moving to the second most densely populated country in the world! God has currently given us a small gift: a yard that lets us have a little of the feel of being out of the city. I (Brian) enjoy having a small container garden. Our children love playing in the yard, and just about everywhere else.

Our whole family loves books. We say we like hiking, though at this point in our lives it’s kind of theoretical since what little hiking we can do is short and very easy. But we have clambered around as a family on top of Cadillac Mountain in Maine and stopped to take a walk on the way up Mount Lemmon in Arizona.